MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Answers, items and a map

Help has arrived

We left the church and proceeded across river. The town was eerily quiet. As we crossed the river and we saw the market place and headed for it. We went first to the armour store then to the apothecary. I picked up some hide armour and we each found a potion of healing and Ifrix got a potion of resist fire.
Erdan heard noises and we followed. We went towards the noises to inspect. We caught up to a small boy. We figure he may have some answers or clues as to what happened here.His name is Kaev Quishion 12 years old. He said there was an explosion and everyone just turned to zombies.
Travok gathered some insight on him, he appears to be very scared but keeping it together fairly well. He is not lyingand nothing magical about him.
We make our way to his residence to inspect it and rest for the evening. The boy has not been home since the explosion. We decided to take the bodies of his parents out the back way to avoid any tear shed. After some coaxing he came in. The house and room had no traces of religion or arcana.
In the morning we talked a bit with Kaev. He said the mayor had some equipment to keep out the giant raids that were happening. He did notice some mercenaries visiting a few times over the last year.
We decide to take the child with us. We headed for the Mayor’s residence. Once inside we found a couple of gem stones.
We made our way up to the master bedroom where we found 2 suits of hide armour and a war hammer all of which appear to be magical. First suit was Darkleaf hide armour +1, the second was Bloodcut hide armour +2. The war hammer was a War Hammer of Giant slaying +2.
Erdan found some documents outlining the giant attacks, mostly hill giants and 1 or 2 fire giants. The last attack was 5 years ago. He also found a map to the entrance of the giants den. We also found a chest with 400gp in it. We have left the boy at the mayor’s residence and he barred himself in. We sent an update back to Neverwinter explaining our progress up to this point. With map in hand we make way for the giant’s den.
On our way we became surrounded by many 4 legged creatures found to be some Dire Wolves. We fought well and defeated them with some difficulty.


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