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Find the source

A plan in need of foiling

Deciding that our continued adventure was not going to get any easier we spoke with Kalla about getting some new weapons & armour. She was willing to help us out but our request may take some time.
Our plan to track down who is responsible for the kidnappings has led us back to Kyos. He was much more willing to speak with us now after hearing that the Lady of Shadows is no longer amongst the living. He mentioned that the bandits are found to the west of Loudwater. His recommendation was to speak with Garwan’s brother Zark. Zark was to be found down by the docks.
Prior to speaking with Zark we went looking for Curuvar, but he was no where to be found.
We found Zark down at the docks; he was acting nervous and looking fairly suspicious. After finding out that we were there to speak with him he attempted to run away. He jumped in the water trying to swim away. I jumped in afterwards and threw him back on the dock. After some intimidation he gave us the location of Zelbross and we found out that a shipment was coming in right away. We told Zark that we were going to help out with the unloading of the shipment and use it to meet with the bandits in Zelbross. I spoke with the ships captain and he was willing to give me information on where the shipment came from and how much he was getting paid for his services. The shipment came from the east, from the town of Llorkh and he was paid 40 gold. Our impression was that he had no involvement in what the shipment is. I made arrangements to have a shipment to go back to Llorkh in 3 days.
After discovering that this was a shipment of barrels that were full of children, our plan is to pose as the new syndicate and become new partners with the bandits in order to find the source of the kidnappings.
Erdan remained in the syndicate warehouse While Rynox, Ifrix, Travok and myself proceeded east from Loudwater to the Location of Zelbross. We filled the barrels with rocks and had Travok hide in the last barrel in case we needed to do a surprise attack. Zark travelled with us to help with the negotiation process. We arrived at a temple looking area, there was a worn path leading into the area that we decided a direct approached keeping ourselves out in the open would be the best approach. As we went into the area in we noticed some bandits coming out to greet us. Our attempt to negotiate with the bandits seemed to prove worthless as they did not like the way the situation was shaping up for them. They refused to let us speak with whom ever is in charge. We decided a different approach would be more effective.
We moved our cart around to the back of the structure and stuffed Zark in a barrel to shut him up. We went into the structure through a back door and found a small room that served as a nice place to get battle ready. We opened a door to the main area to find 6 bandits and a Green Scale March Mystic. We moved ourselves into a position to attack; I took the brunt of the attacks. Ifrix conjured a flaming sphere and used his magic missiles do some easy damage. Travok came to my aid and was quick to attack the odd bandit that would stray from the group. The Mystic cast a cloud cover over the main fighting area making it very difficult to attack. I took out a couple of bandits, one being the leader, but Rynox delivered an amazing death blow to the Mystic.
After the battle was over we proceeded to check the bodies for clues and loot. Ifrix found a parchment on the Mystic that indicated a contract with someone named Gnaarl. The contract showed an agreement to pay 25 gold pieces per child. We also found a locked room. Rynox and myself took turns bashing the door while Ifrix took a more subtle approach and unlocked the door with some keys found on the bandit leader. Inside we discovered some supplies, 200 silver pieces and a locked chest. As Rynox was about to smash the lock, I grabbed the keys from Ifrix and used them to unlock it. I not one to be made a fool of twice. The locked chest contained 200 gold pieces.
We started to hear loud noises of something approaching. We packed everything up on the cart and headed back to Loudwater. Ifrix hung back to get a look at what was coming, it was two large wolves pulling a cage followed by some hill giants. No doubt they were coming to collect the shipment of children.
We headed back to Loudwater and in need of rest. We met up with Erdan who was sitting the children; we locked Zark up in the syndicate hideout and took the children with us. We spoke with Kalla who immediately had us meet with the town leader. The children were placed in the care of the city guard and we had a small meeting with the town leader, Lady Moonfire. Lady Moonfire was gracious of our feats and was hosting a celebration in our honour. We gave her as much information as we could, she was most interested in the parchment contract and to know there were still hill giants in the area.
In need of more information we went Ifrix went searching for Curuvar, again nowhere to be found. Rynox and Erdan went to speak with Garwan about his brother Zark. Garwan showed little interest in his brother’s endeavours and also showed little to no involvement himself. Lady Moonfire heard of our prisoner and asked us to turn him over to the city guard, which we did. We did ask to be present during questioning, but were denied.
With some spare time during the day we went to the Green Tankard and had some lager. It did not take long for word to spread throughout town where we were. The townsfolk were eager to buy us our next lager and our meals. It is nice to be rewarded with free lager.
At the celebration Lady Firemoon rewarded us with some items of magical nature. We received a bag of holding, Rynox got some gauntlets of ogre power, Erdan got pure spirit totem, Travok got some exalted chainmail, Ifrix got a magic wand and I received a lightning heavy flail and an amulet of protection. We also had very large supper and as entertainment they tied Zark to some horses and ripped him in two. A most excellent evening.
Not requiring some of the items we have picked up along our adventures we decided to pay Garwan another visit and trade the skull and horned totems for 4 amulets of protection. A very good trade in my opinion.
Given our shared likeness for adventure our group has decided to travel to Waterdeep. In exchange for the fee of a boat ride we are to take with us a message from Lady Firemoon to ask for assistance with ridding the area of hill giants. We left word at the Green Tankard to notify Curuvar of our destination. We will travel by boat to the town of Daggerford and proceed north of foot from there to Waterdeep.


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