MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Making progress... we think

Zombies deserve to die!

We searched the bodies and found 50gp and 250sp. Figuring they wouldn’t be coming back we decided to hide the bodies and finish our rest. When we awoke we continued on our journey. We cut through the forest and met up with the river. The river was about 20-40ft wide. Off in the distance we could see the town of Silverymoon. We could also see some zombies in the distance. They did not look like regular zombies; these ones were not decomposed and appeared to be fresh corpses. We killed them with great ease. We examined the bodies and found singed hair and melting. Blood did flow from their bodies.
Erdan transformed into a swarm of insects and did a quick recon of the town. Hundreds of undead were wandering the streets and there is a blue glowing light coming from the church. There were also a considerable amount of less zombies around the church.
Our guts were telling us the town of Silverymoon has been overrun with undead. After some discussion we decided to make our way to the town and head for the church. Ifrix pointed out the way and I charged forward clearing a path through the undead. Erdan saw that the street ahead was blocked, so we quickly headed down a side street. We made our way into the church barely escaping the masses of undead that were chasing us.
Once inside we barred the door and turned to see what we up against. We saw that the clergy had turned to undead. There was an alter near the front; beside it was a glowing orb. Ifrix noticed the orb had the symbol of Shar. From what we could tell the orb was empowering the undead. We must fight our way through the undead in the church to get to the orb. As we made our way up towards the orb we could hear the masses behind us banging at the door and scratching at the stain glass windows. These zombies are easily defeated but there seems to be no end to them. Just as we though we were almost clear of them more broke through the door and they smashed some of the windows out and started to pour into the church. All of us had the same idea, smash the orb and we stop the zombies. Everyone bashed away and Rynox delivered the final blow that busted the orb open. Once the orb was destroyed the zombies dropped lifeless to the floor. The orb left behind some materials for rituals.
Our plan now is to search this town for clues and supplies to aid us in our journey and then precede on to find the greater source that is controlling the undead.


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