MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Off to Waterdeep

we've been sent down the river

We set sail from Loudwater to Daggerford. We boarded a ship that was about 40-50 ft. in length and had a crew of 3 with a seemingly trustworthy captain, Ovik. Ovik was human and very well spoken. We saw some other travellers board the ship with us at Loudwater and pay in gold. The first one we introduced ourselves to was Rulith. Rulith was bucktoothed, squinty eyed. He was venturing to Daggerford, he has been a farmer his whole life thus far and would like to volunteer with the militia. He seemed friendly but self kept. Next we met a man named Jararo. Jararo was older, slim with greasy hair. He was an arrowsmith and looking to expand his business by moving it to Waterdeep. He seemed friendly but in a hurry to get his belongings below deck. Next to meet our acquaintance was Maulo. Maulo was rotund and well dressed. He also had some hired help with him. He is in the business of goods trading, he travels from Neverwinter to Llorkh and back trading what ever will make him money. He is very well spoken, a bit harsh on his help and has a few deliveries to make along our journey, most of the cargo on board belongs to him.
As we ventured down the road we stopped at Secomber for some deliveries to be made. We picked up another passenger who convinced the captain with some gold to take him down the river. He was a Wood Elf, not friendly and went straight to the sleeping quarters. Best keep an eye on this fellow.
We decided to sleep with weapons equipped while Ifrix took the first watch. Rynox went to the captain’s quarters for entertainment.
During the night Ifrix heard a voice in his head asking our group to relinquish the letter we acquired from the Zelbross bandits, Ifrix woke us up. We found that it was Maulo asking this from us. We promptly refused. At this moment Maulo turned into a Shard Slave and his hired workers became his minion Zombies. We have found ourselves right back in the thick of things.
The fight began with a blast of fire from Ifrix, which caught a tiny piece of the boat on fire too. Travok has some useful and proven skills to take on these zombies, radiant damage seemed to be a weakness for these creatures. I was quick to attack the Shard and it was quick to retreat with a shift to outside. Erdan was placed under some kind of trace and walked straight of the boat into the water. I left Ifrix and Travok to deal with the Zombies as I went after the Shard. I charged out the door and knocked it overboard. This seemed to break the concentration of the spell that was holding Erdan. As Erdan climbed back aboard I could hear Ifrix and Travok easily handling the Zombies, however I am certain that Ifrix has torched more of the ship. Ifrix and Travok came outside to assist Erdan and I in dealing with the Shard, I was placed into a trace like spell and had no control of my mind or actions, I too walked right off the ship into the water. Luck was in my favor as I was quick to regain my own mind. As I climbed back on board I could see Travok, Erdan and Ifrix handling themselves very well, the Shard was no match for our group.
After the battle was over we put out the fire. Now we need to understand who is behind this attack on us and who is aware that we are travelling to Waterdeep.


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