MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Waste no time

beat them up now, ask questions later

After following Narrows to what we think is the syndicates hide out, we decided not to consult with Curuvar, but rather walk right in. The door was unlocked so I let us in and once inside we found a single room that appeared to be in disarray. A quick look around and we found a door in the floor. As we advanced into the hole we noticed that there were some levers on the wall. As I went in for a closer look, Erdan seemed to know the combination. With the pull of a few levers a door had opened. I walked down this hallway first followed by Rynox Deathserpent then Ifrix and last was Erdan. I stood close to the door as we all listened intently to hear if there was anybody inside. We could hear voices whispering. Sticking to what has worked for me in the past; I opened the door, ready to attack everything. It looks to be a gang hide out, these thugs were no match for us. Ifrix had cast a flamesphere and was rolling it around the room. And that’s when it struck me, an arrow to the face that is. There was an elven archer in this room and he had accuracy. Off to the right I spotted Narrows and with him was a shadowed looking figure. Narrows moved swiftly across the room towards me and readied himself for battle. Lady of the Shadows moved closer and started throwing daggers at me. And then it hit me… again, another arrow. I had it with this manure disruptor. Thankful that Erdan was around to heal me or I might have been down for the count. After we disposed of the thugs and the archer we concentrated our attacks on the Lady of the Shadows and Narrows. They did not put up much of a fight. After the battle we searched the room, mostly for clues as to their plans. We found a caged cell with some tattered clothes in it. A message had been written on the wall saying “Save us please. We are being sold as slaves to the snake men. They say they are bringing us to the Zelbross bandits.” We also found some gold and silver which always comes in handy. Word has spread through town and the townsfolk seem happy with us. Possibly some rewards are to follow. We should speak with Curuvar. Our next plan is to get some better armor and weapons. Maybe there are more adventurers willing to go bandit hunting with us.


browlinson stevenmacaulay1978

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