MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Waterdeep needs help

Undead galore

As we made the rest our way rather unhindered to Waterdeep, we found the city to be under siege. We learned thousands, upon thousands of undead and hundreds of Hill Giants, were surrounding the city. As much as I would like some vengeance on those Hill Giants this appears to be a fight we will struggle with. We have been asked to travel to Neverwinter to acquire re-enforcements.
Our travels to Neverwinter were speedy thanks to a magic boat. When we arrived in Neverwinter we were greeted by the militia who escorted us to a grand hall.
Once inside we learned it was a throne room. A young man in robes was standing at the throne. We were asked to stop 20ft from the throne. Unsure of protocol, I thought best to not disobey any orders.
The young man in robes approached us. His name is Lord Neverember.
He greeted Rynox first, then Travok and then the rest of the group. We learned that Rynox is of noble blood and that it was Lord Neverember who was responsible for bringing us out of Waterdeep. Lord Neverember’s information has found out that a single force is empowering the undead. We have also learned that the undead surrounding Waterdeep have not attacked. However they infested the harbor moments after we left making it impossible to leave or enter Waterdeep.
Lord Neverember has informed us that we are to travel to the Nether Mountains. This seems to be the location of the source controlling the undead. Being that we are unfamiliar with the area, we were introduced to our guide, Nha-Hgan-Yaahn. Nha is a human ranger and is has knowledge of the area. He will be of definite aid on this mission.
We have asked Lord Neverember for any items that will aid us in our travel. He has graciously given us horses, 2 scores of javelins and some rations. We are left with Lord Neverember’s second in command Sabine. Sabine is to get us our supplies and send us on our way. Rynox, always concerned with how much money we have, decided to do a quick inventory. We currently have 637gp, 200 sp, a ruby worth 100gp and 3 gold rings worth 30gp each.
Our guide, Nha, has advised the travel will take approx. 8-10 days.
We proceed down the main road towards the Nether Mountains.
We set our path through a darkened forested area. We found a nice little nook to set up camp for the night.
During the night we were awaken by some noises coming from all around.
As we readied ourselves for battle we discovered that we were being hunted by some local orcs.
We managed to not get caught off guard and found ourselves right in the middle of a good battle. As I laid down some good damage they dealt it right back. Our new companion was quick and accurate with his bow. I may have bitten off more than I could chew this time. At one point they all attacked me and I needed the help of my friends, without them I would have been a goner. We managed to kill 3 orc berserkers and 2 orc scouts before the rest of them fled into the woods. We shall continue our rest and then check the bodies in the morning.


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