MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Back to Silverymoon
this way, that way

We looted the bodies of the ogres and found 50gp.
We complete our trip back to Silverymoon without any trouble. The guards at the entrance to Silveymoon gave us some hassle upon re-entry but after we identified ourselves they were no trouble. We report our findings to Sabine. We tell him of our travels, we tell him about the books. The wizards near by take interest in these books. We head off to a house for them to inspect further. The wizards speak of dark magic and Shar. The wizards are unable to read the books and recommend the Eladrin of Evereska for this task. Sabine will send a letter in advance to Everlund and we the secure the books for travel. He also gives us 200gp and fresh horses. We decide to spend the night here in Silverymoon and proceed to Everlund in the morning. We are head to Everlund to seek the owner of the Green Goat Tavern. As we make our travels we head south, we turn on the road that goes east towards the town. We encounter 4 orcs who are no match for our might. We dispose of them quickly, find 30gp amongst them and continue our journey to Everlund.

To Evereska
time is of the essense

Everlund is a large walled city with a population of about 23,000. There is a river flowing through the city that is mainly used for trade. We meet up with the owner of the Green Goat Tavern, he introduces us to Theren. Theren will be our guide to Evereska via Xammux. We introduce ourselves to Theren. He tells us that travelling above ground will take 6-8 days and taking the underground passage will take 2-3 days. Since time is of the essence we agree to go underground. The entrance to the underground path is located at the ruins of Xammux. We make it to Xammux without incident and camp there for the night. In the morning we make our way through the caves, there are many jagged edged and steep drop offs. We lost a horse carrying some rations but nothing major. We came across a open cavern area and could see a river. Off in the shadows we spotted a Carrion Crawler, bad news it also spotted us. We ready ourselves for battle when from the shadows appear some Black Pudding. These things are easy to hit but are impossible to kill. We bring down the Carrion Crawler and defeat one Black Pudding, knowing that they attack sensing vibration we decide to make a run for it. In the process of escaping we lost another horse carrying some rations, nothing major except this will definitely hinder the rest of this trip for time. We exit the tunnel and decide to camp here for the night.

Almost there
I can see sunlight

We continue our journey to Evereska. We take a path between the mountains and Far Forest. This looks to be a well travelled path and I’m sure danger stays away as we made it the whole day without incident. We set up camp between the splits in the mountains. In the morning we head South East again following the mountain edge until we reached the foothills of Evereska and camp for the night. In the morning we follow the edge of the foothills, in the distance we spot a humanoid figure in a robe. As we approach him he tells us to give back his property. Rynox tells him he must have the wrong group, he doesn’t believe us. Rynox tells him he better believe us this is a fight he doesn’t want. The figure pulls back the hood of the robe a transforms into a Shard Slave and some skeleton and wraiths emerge from the bushes, I guess he chose to fight. We defeat these undead with some difficulty. Slightly beat up think there is still time to make it to Evereska before night fall.


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