MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Ifrix's Adventures - Day 1

After travelling through the woods with Baun we came upon the town of Loudwater, not sure why it’s called Loudwater as the river is quiet. We stopped for some food/drink and had discussed the possibilities of setting out for Neverwinter in search of adventure. Full from drink and a passable goat stew adventure it seems found us.

While leaving the tavern an explosion knocked us both to the ground. I don’t frighten easily but the sight of a goliath falling towards me was enough to make me jump about three feet out of the way before hitting the ground myself. When the dust settled there were Goblin minions everywhere with a few heavy hitters scattered across the square. We saw the first goblin take out a town’s person and with a quick nod to Baun we were in the fight. Before I could set them ablaze with my magic missile out of the corner of my eye a Paladin leapt into the fray with a fire I had not seen since the feywild. As the goblins headed towards a curiosity’s shop two others joined the fight, a druid and dwarf battle priest. We made quick work of the invading force and learnt that the goblins were after some totem that was to help resurrect a dead Ogre King. This was just the type of adventure Baun and I were Looking for.

The Paladin’s name was Rynox, a bit forward but steady in both action and cause. The druid’s was named Erdan who had flown to the top of the wall during the battle and rained death upon the unsuspecting goblin minions. I had taken some serious blows from a goblin warrior and it was Travok the dwarf battle cleric who came to my aid. Together we left the curiosity shop headed again for the tavern for some celebratory drinks and a chance to meet our new companions. The dwarf shopkeep had indicated that an old wizard (Curuvar) who often drank at the tavern could further give us clues as to what had just transpired and why. We shared little with the city guard as they proved inefficient and unsurprisingly late to respond to the battle which was now only a pile of corpses. It made me chuckle a bit to know that they would be cleaning up the mess while we enjoy some drinks at the tavern.

Once at the tavern we exchanged pleasantries with our new allies in battle when the most haggard of wizards I had ever seen burst in the tavern with the thirst of drink in his eye. Our party thought this a strange sight, could this be the great wizard that the dwarf shopkeeper had told us about with such reverence? We offered him a spot at our table with the offer of additional drink. He told us the purpose of the totem and with some forceful probing from the paladin eventually told us of what would become our next great adventure. Now off in search of the second totem and possibly the Ogre King with these new adventurers, Baun has done what he has done ever since I first met him, jumped right into trouble…
Guess I’ll grab my rope and catch up. Down we went to whatever the gods that are left have in store for us.

the adventure continues...
into the pits - the way Baun saw it

Well, I jumped into this pit to find more goblins attempting to end our lives. Not today. I quickly went to action while the others climbed down the rope. I made it clear that we were a force not to be messed with. I was quick to deal with a few foes while Ifrix made a ball of fire and rolled it around the room, funny how some enemies ran towards it rather than fight me. Rynox in true paladin form chased the goblins to one end of the room almost falling into one of their traps, a pit of wild and hungry dogs. If I was a kind person, I would have thrown the dead goblins down there, but I’m not that mean to dogs. After some looking around we found a magic disc most likely for teleportation and what appears to be the proper entrance. We found a hallway that lead down towards some cells and some more action. As Zombies came to attack Ifrix closed the port cullies with some magic. We finally found good use for the Paladin using him as a door while we fought our way into the next room, wouldn’t you know it, more goblins. After disposing to these foes quick and easily we set out down the hallway again. We came into a large room with many enemies; several spear chucker’s, a few fighters and one very good shaman. We fought very hard through this battle and when it was done we were tired and thirsty. We discovered another teleport pad and a well. We refilled our water and found a secluded room and made camp for the night. After we awoke it was time to find out where these stairs lead. Down we went, the stairs went on for a while and once at the bottom we found a hallway. There seemed to be a lack of goblins in these parts. At the end of the hallway was a medium sized room, looked to be a tomb of some sort, later to be the ogre king’s resting place. We made our way into the room and found a goblin shaman muttering. Ifrix chuckled when he realized that the words he was saying meant nothing. After exchanging some words with this goblin I decided to shut him up. This foe was not to be taken lightly, he opened the attack with a fire strike, we opened a can of whoop-ass. He was using his magic to weaken our ability to hit with weapons, Ifrix was having some success with magic. Rynox was nearing death when I felt the overwhelming urge to protect everything and anything, as the goblin would attempt an attack I was quick to counter, his fortitude was no match for my flail. After the battle we made our way back to the town of Loudwater, really hoping we get some recognition for this, I like free ale.

Heros return
a town in need of help

Upon our return there was no parade, no welcome back party and no showering with gifts. But when we got to the pub we were given a feast and some free ale, this is the adventures life I’ve been looking for. We found the old wizard Curuvar in the tavern, he was very intoxicated. After our meal we decided to take the old drunk back to his place, the owner was going to have him thrown into the streets. When we arrived at Curavar’s house he suddenly was sober and quick to tell us that he has new respect for our group. He told us of two problems going on in this town. First is the missing children around the town, second is a gang demanding “protection” fees from local businesses. I am suspect to think that these problems are related. We went back to the tavern and have decided to help the people of Loudwater. After some discussion we formed a plan. Knowing that the missing children is the more severe problem and should require attention first, we thought that the townsfolk would be more eager to speak with us if they knew we were the ones who stopped the new crime syndicate. We made plans to stay at the tavern while in town giving the appearance to find regular jobs. We have knowledge of two businesses not willing to pay the fees, the general store owner, Kalla and the apothecary owner, Brocha. As well we found the name of one who used to associate with the syndicate, Kyos. As we investigated with these people we found that only Kalla would give us any information and was willing to let me pose as a stock person in her store to find information. We had information that some of the city guard was on the take, we had Rynox put his ears as well as his muscles to work, and he is to help the city guards rebuild the wall. Ifrix spoke with Brocha, we received no information from this. Erdan was posing as dog in the city in order to observe and eavesdrop if the opportunity arose. Travok is keeping his ears open and earning us a discount on the room at the tavern by washing the dishes there. Erdan and Ifrix made a plan to speak with Kyos while I speak with Kalla at the shop to find out what information we can. Kalla has offered us goods in exchange for our services. Ifrix and Erdan avoided a fight in a bad part of town while Kyos avoided giving up any useful information. Kalla informed us that Narrows comes around on Wednesdays to collect fees. Our plan is to provoke him enough that he will leave and then we can follow him to see where he leads. After some early slip ups in our plan to follow we tracked him back to a rough looking part of town, where he entered a secure door. We will meet with Curavar to exchange information.

Waste no time
beat them up now, ask questions later

After following Narrows to what we think is the syndicates hide out, we decided not to consult with Curuvar, but rather walk right in. The door was unlocked so I let us in and once inside we found a single room that appeared to be in disarray. A quick look around and we found a door in the floor. As we advanced into the hole we noticed that there were some levers on the wall. As I went in for a closer look, Erdan seemed to know the combination. With the pull of a few levers a door had opened. I walked down this hallway first followed by Rynox Deathserpent then Ifrix and last was Erdan. I stood close to the door as we all listened intently to hear if there was anybody inside. We could hear voices whispering. Sticking to what has worked for me in the past; I opened the door, ready to attack everything. It looks to be a gang hide out, these thugs were no match for us. Ifrix had cast a flamesphere and was rolling it around the room. And that’s when it struck me, an arrow to the face that is. There was an elven archer in this room and he had accuracy. Off to the right I spotted Narrows and with him was a shadowed looking figure. Narrows moved swiftly across the room towards me and readied himself for battle. Lady of the Shadows moved closer and started throwing daggers at me. And then it hit me… again, another arrow. I had it with this manure disruptor. Thankful that Erdan was around to heal me or I might have been down for the count. After we disposed of the thugs and the archer we concentrated our attacks on the Lady of the Shadows and Narrows. They did not put up much of a fight. After the battle we searched the room, mostly for clues as to their plans. We found a caged cell with some tattered clothes in it. A message had been written on the wall saying “Save us please. We are being sold as slaves to the snake men. They say they are bringing us to the Zelbross bandits.” We also found some gold and silver which always comes in handy. Word has spread through town and the townsfolk seem happy with us. Possibly some rewards are to follow. We should speak with Curuvar. Our next plan is to get some better armor and weapons. Maybe there are more adventurers willing to go bandit hunting with us.

Find the source
A plan in need of foiling

Deciding that our continued adventure was not going to get any easier we spoke with Kalla about getting some new weapons & armour. She was willing to help us out but our request may take some time.
Our plan to track down who is responsible for the kidnappings has led us back to Kyos. He was much more willing to speak with us now after hearing that the Lady of Shadows is no longer amongst the living. He mentioned that the bandits are found to the west of Loudwater. His recommendation was to speak with Garwan’s brother Zark. Zark was to be found down by the docks.
Prior to speaking with Zark we went looking for Curuvar, but he was no where to be found.
We found Zark down at the docks; he was acting nervous and looking fairly suspicious. After finding out that we were there to speak with him he attempted to run away. He jumped in the water trying to swim away. I jumped in afterwards and threw him back on the dock. After some intimidation he gave us the location of Zelbross and we found out that a shipment was coming in right away. We told Zark that we were going to help out with the unloading of the shipment and use it to meet with the bandits in Zelbross. I spoke with the ships captain and he was willing to give me information on where the shipment came from and how much he was getting paid for his services. The shipment came from the east, from the town of Llorkh and he was paid 40 gold. Our impression was that he had no involvement in what the shipment is. I made arrangements to have a shipment to go back to Llorkh in 3 days.
After discovering that this was a shipment of barrels that were full of children, our plan is to pose as the new syndicate and become new partners with the bandits in order to find the source of the kidnappings.
Erdan remained in the syndicate warehouse While Rynox, Ifrix, Travok and myself proceeded east from Loudwater to the Location of Zelbross. We filled the barrels with rocks and had Travok hide in the last barrel in case we needed to do a surprise attack. Zark travelled with us to help with the negotiation process. We arrived at a temple looking area, there was a worn path leading into the area that we decided a direct approached keeping ourselves out in the open would be the best approach. As we went into the area in we noticed some bandits coming out to greet us. Our attempt to negotiate with the bandits seemed to prove worthless as they did not like the way the situation was shaping up for them. They refused to let us speak with whom ever is in charge. We decided a different approach would be more effective.
We moved our cart around to the back of the structure and stuffed Zark in a barrel to shut him up. We went into the structure through a back door and found a small room that served as a nice place to get battle ready. We opened a door to the main area to find 6 bandits and a Green Scale March Mystic. We moved ourselves into a position to attack; I took the brunt of the attacks. Ifrix conjured a flaming sphere and used his magic missiles do some easy damage. Travok came to my aid and was quick to attack the odd bandit that would stray from the group. The Mystic cast a cloud cover over the main fighting area making it very difficult to attack. I took out a couple of bandits, one being the leader, but Rynox delivered an amazing death blow to the Mystic.
After the battle was over we proceeded to check the bodies for clues and loot. Ifrix found a parchment on the Mystic that indicated a contract with someone named Gnaarl. The contract showed an agreement to pay 25 gold pieces per child. We also found a locked room. Rynox and myself took turns bashing the door while Ifrix took a more subtle approach and unlocked the door with some keys found on the bandit leader. Inside we discovered some supplies, 200 silver pieces and a locked chest. As Rynox was about to smash the lock, I grabbed the keys from Ifrix and used them to unlock it. I not one to be made a fool of twice. The locked chest contained 200 gold pieces.
We started to hear loud noises of something approaching. We packed everything up on the cart and headed back to Loudwater. Ifrix hung back to get a look at what was coming, it was two large wolves pulling a cage followed by some hill giants. No doubt they were coming to collect the shipment of children.
We headed back to Loudwater and in need of rest. We met up with Erdan who was sitting the children; we locked Zark up in the syndicate hideout and took the children with us. We spoke with Kalla who immediately had us meet with the town leader. The children were placed in the care of the city guard and we had a small meeting with the town leader, Lady Moonfire. Lady Moonfire was gracious of our feats and was hosting a celebration in our honour. We gave her as much information as we could, she was most interested in the parchment contract and to know there were still hill giants in the area.
In need of more information we went Ifrix went searching for Curuvar, again nowhere to be found. Rynox and Erdan went to speak with Garwan about his brother Zark. Garwan showed little interest in his brother’s endeavours and also showed little to no involvement himself. Lady Moonfire heard of our prisoner and asked us to turn him over to the city guard, which we did. We did ask to be present during questioning, but were denied.
With some spare time during the day we went to the Green Tankard and had some lager. It did not take long for word to spread throughout town where we were. The townsfolk were eager to buy us our next lager and our meals. It is nice to be rewarded with free lager.
At the celebration Lady Firemoon rewarded us with some items of magical nature. We received a bag of holding, Rynox got some gauntlets of ogre power, Erdan got pure spirit totem, Travok got some exalted chainmail, Ifrix got a magic wand and I received a lightning heavy flail and an amulet of protection. We also had very large supper and as entertainment they tied Zark to some horses and ripped him in two. A most excellent evening.
Not requiring some of the items we have picked up along our adventures we decided to pay Garwan another visit and trade the skull and horned totems for 4 amulets of protection. A very good trade in my opinion.
Given our shared likeness for adventure our group has decided to travel to Waterdeep. In exchange for the fee of a boat ride we are to take with us a message from Lady Firemoon to ask for assistance with ridding the area of hill giants. We left word at the Green Tankard to notify Curuvar of our destination. We will travel by boat to the town of Daggerford and proceed north of foot from there to Waterdeep.

Off to Waterdeep
we've been sent down the river

We set sail from Loudwater to Daggerford. We boarded a ship that was about 40-50 ft. in length and had a crew of 3 with a seemingly trustworthy captain, Ovik. Ovik was human and very well spoken. We saw some other travellers board the ship with us at Loudwater and pay in gold. The first one we introduced ourselves to was Rulith. Rulith was bucktoothed, squinty eyed. He was venturing to Daggerford, he has been a farmer his whole life thus far and would like to volunteer with the militia. He seemed friendly but self kept. Next we met a man named Jararo. Jararo was older, slim with greasy hair. He was an arrowsmith and looking to expand his business by moving it to Waterdeep. He seemed friendly but in a hurry to get his belongings below deck. Next to meet our acquaintance was Maulo. Maulo was rotund and well dressed. He also had some hired help with him. He is in the business of goods trading, he travels from Neverwinter to Llorkh and back trading what ever will make him money. He is very well spoken, a bit harsh on his help and has a few deliveries to make along our journey, most of the cargo on board belongs to him.
As we ventured down the road we stopped at Secomber for some deliveries to be made. We picked up another passenger who convinced the captain with some gold to take him down the river. He was a Wood Elf, not friendly and went straight to the sleeping quarters. Best keep an eye on this fellow.
We decided to sleep with weapons equipped while Ifrix took the first watch. Rynox went to the captain’s quarters for entertainment.
During the night Ifrix heard a voice in his head asking our group to relinquish the letter we acquired from the Zelbross bandits, Ifrix woke us up. We found that it was Maulo asking this from us. We promptly refused. At this moment Maulo turned into a Shard Slave and his hired workers became his minion Zombies. We have found ourselves right back in the thick of things.
The fight began with a blast of fire from Ifrix, which caught a tiny piece of the boat on fire too. Travok has some useful and proven skills to take on these zombies, radiant damage seemed to be a weakness for these creatures. I was quick to attack the Shard and it was quick to retreat with a shift to outside. Erdan was placed under some kind of trace and walked straight of the boat into the water. I left Ifrix and Travok to deal with the Zombies as I went after the Shard. I charged out the door and knocked it overboard. This seemed to break the concentration of the spell that was holding Erdan. As Erdan climbed back aboard I could hear Ifrix and Travok easily handling the Zombies, however I am certain that Ifrix has torched more of the ship. Ifrix and Travok came outside to assist Erdan and I in dealing with the Shard, I was placed into a trace like spell and had no control of my mind or actions, I too walked right off the ship into the water. Luck was in my favor as I was quick to regain my own mind. As I climbed back on board I could see Travok, Erdan and Ifrix handling themselves very well, the Shard was no match for our group.
After the battle was over we put out the fire. Now we need to understand who is behind this attack on us and who is aware that we are travelling to Waterdeep.

Waterdeep needs help
Undead galore

As we made the rest our way rather unhindered to Waterdeep, we found the city to be under siege. We learned thousands, upon thousands of undead and hundreds of Hill Giants, were surrounding the city. As much as I would like some vengeance on those Hill Giants this appears to be a fight we will struggle with. We have been asked to travel to Neverwinter to acquire re-enforcements.
Our travels to Neverwinter were speedy thanks to a magic boat. When we arrived in Neverwinter we were greeted by the militia who escorted us to a grand hall.
Once inside we learned it was a throne room. A young man in robes was standing at the throne. We were asked to stop 20ft from the throne. Unsure of protocol, I thought best to not disobey any orders.
The young man in robes approached us. His name is Lord Neverember.
He greeted Rynox first, then Travok and then the rest of the group. We learned that Rynox is of noble blood and that it was Lord Neverember who was responsible for bringing us out of Waterdeep. Lord Neverember’s information has found out that a single force is empowering the undead. We have also learned that the undead surrounding Waterdeep have not attacked. However they infested the harbor moments after we left making it impossible to leave or enter Waterdeep.
Lord Neverember has informed us that we are to travel to the Nether Mountains. This seems to be the location of the source controlling the undead. Being that we are unfamiliar with the area, we were introduced to our guide, Nha-Hgan-Yaahn. Nha is a human ranger and is has knowledge of the area. He will be of definite aid on this mission.
We have asked Lord Neverember for any items that will aid us in our travel. He has graciously given us horses, 2 scores of javelins and some rations. We are left with Lord Neverember’s second in command Sabine. Sabine is to get us our supplies and send us on our way. Rynox, always concerned with how much money we have, decided to do a quick inventory. We currently have 637gp, 200 sp, a ruby worth 100gp and 3 gold rings worth 30gp each.
Our guide, Nha, has advised the travel will take approx. 8-10 days.
We proceed down the main road towards the Nether Mountains.
We set our path through a darkened forested area. We found a nice little nook to set up camp for the night.
During the night we were awaken by some noises coming from all around.
As we readied ourselves for battle we discovered that we were being hunted by some local orcs.
We managed to not get caught off guard and found ourselves right in the middle of a good battle. As I laid down some good damage they dealt it right back. Our new companion was quick and accurate with his bow. I may have bitten off more than I could chew this time. At one point they all attacked me and I needed the help of my friends, without them I would have been a goner. We managed to kill 3 orc berserkers and 2 orc scouts before the rest of them fled into the woods. We shall continue our rest and then check the bodies in the morning.

Making progress... we think
Zombies deserve to die!

We searched the bodies and found 50gp and 250sp. Figuring they wouldn’t be coming back we decided to hide the bodies and finish our rest. When we awoke we continued on our journey. We cut through the forest and met up with the river. The river was about 20-40ft wide. Off in the distance we could see the town of Silverymoon. We could also see some zombies in the distance. They did not look like regular zombies; these ones were not decomposed and appeared to be fresh corpses. We killed them with great ease. We examined the bodies and found singed hair and melting. Blood did flow from their bodies.
Erdan transformed into a swarm of insects and did a quick recon of the town. Hundreds of undead were wandering the streets and there is a blue glowing light coming from the church. There were also a considerable amount of less zombies around the church.
Our guts were telling us the town of Silverymoon has been overrun with undead. After some discussion we decided to make our way to the town and head for the church. Ifrix pointed out the way and I charged forward clearing a path through the undead. Erdan saw that the street ahead was blocked, so we quickly headed down a side street. We made our way into the church barely escaping the masses of undead that were chasing us.
Once inside we barred the door and turned to see what we up against. We saw that the clergy had turned to undead. There was an alter near the front; beside it was a glowing orb. Ifrix noticed the orb had the symbol of Shar. From what we could tell the orb was empowering the undead. We must fight our way through the undead in the church to get to the orb. As we made our way up towards the orb we could hear the masses behind us banging at the door and scratching at the stain glass windows. These zombies are easily defeated but there seems to be no end to them. Just as we though we were almost clear of them more broke through the door and they smashed some of the windows out and started to pour into the church. All of us had the same idea, smash the orb and we stop the zombies. Everyone bashed away and Rynox delivered the final blow that busted the orb open. Once the orb was destroyed the zombies dropped lifeless to the floor. The orb left behind some materials for rituals.
Our plan now is to search this town for clues and supplies to aid us in our journey and then precede on to find the greater source that is controlling the undead.

Answers, items and a map
Help has arrived

We left the church and proceeded across river. The town was eerily quiet. As we crossed the river and we saw the market place and headed for it. We went first to the armour store then to the apothecary. I picked up some hide armour and we each found a potion of healing and Ifrix got a potion of resist fire.
Erdan heard noises and we followed. We went towards the noises to inspect. We caught up to a small boy. We figure he may have some answers or clues as to what happened here.His name is Kaev Quishion 12 years old. He said there was an explosion and everyone just turned to zombies.
Travok gathered some insight on him, he appears to be very scared but keeping it together fairly well. He is not lyingand nothing magical about him.
We make our way to his residence to inspect it and rest for the evening. The boy has not been home since the explosion. We decided to take the bodies of his parents out the back way to avoid any tear shed. After some coaxing he came in. The house and room had no traces of religion or arcana.
In the morning we talked a bit with Kaev. He said the mayor had some equipment to keep out the giant raids that were happening. He did notice some mercenaries visiting a few times over the last year.
We decide to take the child with us. We headed for the Mayor’s residence. Once inside we found a couple of gem stones.
We made our way up to the master bedroom where we found 2 suits of hide armour and a war hammer all of which appear to be magical. First suit was Darkleaf hide armour +1, the second was Bloodcut hide armour +2. The war hammer was a War Hammer of Giant slaying +2.
Erdan found some documents outlining the giant attacks, mostly hill giants and 1 or 2 fire giants. The last attack was 5 years ago. He also found a map to the entrance of the giants den. We also found a chest with 400gp in it. We have left the boy at the mayor’s residence and he barred himself in. We sent an update back to Neverwinter explaining our progress up to this point. With map in hand we make way for the giant’s den.
On our way we became surrounded by many 4 legged creatures found to be some Dire Wolves. We fought well and defeated them with some difficulty.

Into the caves
Something strange happened here

We rested after fending off the dire wolves and found an entrance to the cave. The entrance looked more for the dire wolves than for giants. We thought that this entrance would be better suited for our task, best to avoid giants when you can. The cavern system was large and contained many passage ways and open areas. Travok spotted some Shar markings and we followed those. We also came across a river flowing in this cavern system and followed that as well.
We were keeping ourselves fairly hidden and undetected until we were spotted by three ogres. We disposed of them with medium ease. The ogres had very little coin on them. We went on further into the system and judging by the hight of the caves we were definitely where the giants live. The caves seemed fairly quite.
We entered into a passage way and were discovered by a wounded giant. I shouted that we mean no harm but the giant was too eager to engage. His defences were week but his strikes were mighty. We knocked him unconscious and tied up. We decided to ask him questions regarding the plans of what is to come. His name was Ogknock. He said that all the other giants had left to fight in the war and they will be back soon. His tribe has numbers in the thousands. His tribe leader is Grumsh, a noble frost giant. He said that the puny human priests in black cloaks had something to do with the undead, they were a necessary tool for the great war. We thought at this point to possibly find out if there was a treasure room and tell him we work for the Shar, but our bluff failed. This giant had no more information for us. I bludgeoned him with the back end of my flail.
We proceed through the tunnels until we found a sign pointing to the temple. They way the sign pointed had been blocked off. Nothing at this entrance revealed anything magical or above normal religion. Erdan found a different path, it was smaller, also blocked, but not as bad. Nha climbed the rubble pile to the top and found it easier to get through. I shovelled the rocks down and cleared a way through for us. We found ourselves in very large cavern, about four gladiator arenas put together, it appears we have found the temple. All the entrances into the temple seemed to be caved in as well. There were a few dead bodies both giant and human.
Ifrix discovered a way down towards the alter and Travok discovered many items of religious value that will be of use. Erdan very carefully picked up the books and secures them. Ifrix informs the group of how magical these books are. Travok loots the bodies, we grabbed the three black robes and the necklaces with the symbol of Shar. Travok informs the group about the Shar. Shar is also known as the mistress of the night. Shar resides in shadows. Something magical happened at this alter that caused the entrances to cave in and these people to die.
Unsure of which way to go we decided to look around for clues.
Ifrix casted light on one of my javelins and I dropped it into the hole. It goes way down, possibly into the nether realm. Not the way we are looking to travel.
We searched for a treasure room, we did not find one. Erdan found a small gold statue with some gems on it.
We need to these books to someone who can understand them. We are going to head back to Silverymoon and meet up with the party that has been sent to retrieve Kaev. We re-trace our steps out of the mountain using various skills.
As we exited the cave we breathed in some fresh air and pack up our things to head back to Silverymoon. As we turn we hear a landslide coming from the mountain and we saw a humanoid figure. Great more ogres.
This time there were five of them. They put up some resistance and we took some damage. We killed four of them and one fled the battle.


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