MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Ifrix's Adventures - Day 1

After travelling through the woods with Baun we came upon the town of Loudwater, not sure why it’s called Loudwater as the river is quiet. We stopped for some food/drink and had discussed the possibilities of setting out for Neverwinter in search of adventure. Full from drink and a passable goat stew adventure it seems found us.

While leaving the tavern an explosion knocked us both to the ground. I don’t frighten easily but the sight of a goliath falling towards me was enough to make me jump about three feet out of the way before hitting the ground myself. When the dust settled there were Goblin minions everywhere with a few heavy hitters scattered across the square. We saw the first goblin take out a town’s person and with a quick nod to Baun we were in the fight. Before I could set them ablaze with my magic missile out of the corner of my eye a Paladin leapt into the fray with a fire I had not seen since the feywild. As the goblins headed towards a curiosity’s shop two others joined the fight, a druid and dwarf battle priest. We made quick work of the invading force and learnt that the goblins were after some totem that was to help resurrect a dead Ogre King. This was just the type of adventure Baun and I were Looking for.

The Paladin’s name was Rynox, a bit forward but steady in both action and cause. The druid’s was named Erdan who had flown to the top of the wall during the battle and rained death upon the unsuspecting goblin minions. I had taken some serious blows from a goblin warrior and it was Travok the dwarf battle cleric who came to my aid. Together we left the curiosity shop headed again for the tavern for some celebratory drinks and a chance to meet our new companions. The dwarf shopkeep had indicated that an old wizard (Curuvar) who often drank at the tavern could further give us clues as to what had just transpired and why. We shared little with the city guard as they proved inefficient and unsurprisingly late to respond to the battle which was now only a pile of corpses. It made me chuckle a bit to know that they would be cleaning up the mess while we enjoy some drinks at the tavern.

Once at the tavern we exchanged pleasantries with our new allies in battle when the most haggard of wizards I had ever seen burst in the tavern with the thirst of drink in his eye. Our party thought this a strange sight, could this be the great wizard that the dwarf shopkeeper had told us about with such reverence? We offered him a spot at our table with the offer of additional drink. He told us the purpose of the totem and with some forceful probing from the paladin eventually told us of what would become our next great adventure. Now off in search of the second totem and possibly the Ogre King with these new adventurers, Baun has done what he has done ever since I first met him, jumped right into trouble…
Guess I’ll grab my rope and catch up. Down we went to whatever the gods that are left have in store for us.


Great write-up! Exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to get out of you guys :)

Ifrix's Adventures - Day 1
browlinson browlinson

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