MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Into the caves

Something strange happened here

We rested after fending off the dire wolves and found an entrance to the cave. The entrance looked more for the dire wolves than for giants. We thought that this entrance would be better suited for our task, best to avoid giants when you can. The cavern system was large and contained many passage ways and open areas. Travok spotted some Shar markings and we followed those. We also came across a river flowing in this cavern system and followed that as well.
We were keeping ourselves fairly hidden and undetected until we were spotted by three ogres. We disposed of them with medium ease. The ogres had very little coin on them. We went on further into the system and judging by the hight of the caves we were definitely where the giants live. The caves seemed fairly quite.
We entered into a passage way and were discovered by a wounded giant. I shouted that we mean no harm but the giant was too eager to engage. His defences were week but his strikes were mighty. We knocked him unconscious and tied up. We decided to ask him questions regarding the plans of what is to come. His name was Ogknock. He said that all the other giants had left to fight in the war and they will be back soon. His tribe has numbers in the thousands. His tribe leader is Grumsh, a noble frost giant. He said that the puny human priests in black cloaks had something to do with the undead, they were a necessary tool for the great war. We thought at this point to possibly find out if there was a treasure room and tell him we work for the Shar, but our bluff failed. This giant had no more information for us. I bludgeoned him with the back end of my flail.
We proceed through the tunnels until we found a sign pointing to the temple. They way the sign pointed had been blocked off. Nothing at this entrance revealed anything magical or above normal religion. Erdan found a different path, it was smaller, also blocked, but not as bad. Nha climbed the rubble pile to the top and found it easier to get through. I shovelled the rocks down and cleared a way through for us. We found ourselves in very large cavern, about four gladiator arenas put together, it appears we have found the temple. All the entrances into the temple seemed to be caved in as well. There were a few dead bodies both giant and human.
Ifrix discovered a way down towards the alter and Travok discovered many items of religious value that will be of use. Erdan very carefully picked up the books and secures them. Ifrix informs the group of how magical these books are. Travok loots the bodies, we grabbed the three black robes and the necklaces with the symbol of Shar. Travok informs the group about the Shar. Shar is also known as the mistress of the night. Shar resides in shadows. Something magical happened at this alter that caused the entrances to cave in and these people to die.
Unsure of which way to go we decided to look around for clues.
Ifrix casted light on one of my javelins and I dropped it into the hole. It goes way down, possibly into the nether realm. Not the way we are looking to travel.
We searched for a treasure room, we did not find one. Erdan found a small gold statue with some gems on it.
We need to these books to someone who can understand them. We are going to head back to Silverymoon and meet up with the party that has been sent to retrieve Kaev. We re-trace our steps out of the mountain using various skills.
As we exited the cave we breathed in some fresh air and pack up our things to head back to Silverymoon. As we turn we hear a landslide coming from the mountain and we saw a humanoid figure. Great more ogres.
This time there were five of them. They put up some resistance and we took some damage. We killed four of them and one fled the battle.


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