MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Almost there

I can see sunlight

We continue our journey to Evereska. We take a path between the mountains and Far Forest. This looks to be a well travelled path and I’m sure danger stays away as we made it the whole day without incident. We set up camp between the splits in the mountains. In the morning we head South East again following the mountain edge until we reached the foothills of Evereska and camp for the night. In the morning we follow the edge of the foothills, in the distance we spot a humanoid figure in a robe. As we approach him he tells us to give back his property. Rynox tells him he must have the wrong group, he doesn’t believe us. Rynox tells him he better believe us this is a fight he doesn’t want. The figure pulls back the hood of the robe a transforms into a Shard Slave and some skeleton and wraiths emerge from the bushes, I guess he chose to fight. We defeat these undead with some difficulty. Slightly beat up think there is still time to make it to Evereska before night fall.


browlinson stevenmacaulay1978

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