MJ Realms: Heroes of Faerûn

Back to Silverymoon

this way, that way

We looted the bodies of the ogres and found 50gp.
We complete our trip back to Silverymoon without any trouble. The guards at the entrance to Silveymoon gave us some hassle upon re-entry but after we identified ourselves they were no trouble. We report our findings to Sabine. We tell him of our travels, we tell him about the books. The wizards near by take interest in these books. We head off to a house for them to inspect further. The wizards speak of dark magic and Shar. The wizards are unable to read the books and recommend the Eladrin of Evereska for this task. Sabine will send a letter in advance to Everlund and we the secure the books for travel. He also gives us 200gp and fresh horses. We decide to spend the night here in Silverymoon and proceed to Everlund in the morning. We are head to Everlund to seek the owner of the Green Goat Tavern. As we make our travels we head south, we turn on the road that goes east towards the town. We encounter 4 orcs who are no match for our might. We dispose of them quickly, find 30gp amongst them and continue our journey to Everlund.


browlinson stevenmacaulay1978

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